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"Devil Dogs" is a bluesy rock song with a bit of a country vibe. It is a tribute and thank you to my fellow U.S. Marines . The download is free and all I ask is, if you can, please make a donation to my local Marine Corps League. The Mobile chapter for the MCL is involved in many charities for Veterans and also special needs. I am very proud to be apart of a great organization that is helping others in my local community. You can donate and learn more below. Thank you for your support!

"Devil Dogs" written, performed and produced by Daryl Myers with exception of:

Guitars- by Hugo Iglesias @La Nau Estudi

Animated Video and Artwork by- heichii_art

Make a generous donation and Learn more about the Marine Corps League by clicking links below

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Reviews of "Devil Dogs"

***What Fans are saying about “Devil Dogs” ***  

Harry Kersten II- Daryl, I love the words, the music and cover. The message is awesome. You need to get this song on the radio. I love it. Semper Fi, Brother!  

Jackie Stokley- That’s Rock and Roll DW!!  Best one yet!  You nailed that mfer.  I’m impressed!  

Timothy Marshall- You got one hell of an ooh-rah! from me!  

Tracie Norris- OORAH!  Another awesome song!!  

Rich Headley- Hey Devil Dog great song! Way to go man! Semper Fi!  

Amy Thomas- Sweet!!! Really cool what you’re doing. Keep at it!!  

Paul Wilcox- Glad to see you are hard at it making music.  Love the “Devil Dogs” song!  I have always enjoyed your music, I wore your CD out from Okinawa lol.  Best of luck to you brother!  

*** What Music Curators are saying about “Devil Dogs” ***  

We All Want Someone To Shout For- A gritty soulful classic rock and country mix with some nice bite to it and passionate vocal delivery. Really well produced  

Underrated- The great hooking presence of the track's stellar vocals immediately made for my personal highlight of the piece  

Metalhead Community Magazine-Great sounding old school blues rock song with the necessary energy, groove and beautiful vibes all along the way. There's absolutely nothing negative to mention, this is a successful piece of work.  

Cheers To The Vikings- We have enjoyed listening to your rich vocals until the last second. You are so original and you really have so much talent.  

Yellow & Black- I really liked your instruments so much, your music is beautiful and your style is amazing.  

Various Small Flames-Again the sense of confidence and attitude is excellent here.  

York Calling- I really enjoyed the track, the melody, vocals and guitar were great.  

Grotesqualizer-Solid sound, we like the guitar passages. 


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