Together Through It All

Daryl Myers

Country song with a classic sound and a bit of an ethereal feel. Speaks about the struggles couples go through in life, but find a way to persevere. I even got my beautiful wife to help with the background vocals on this one!

"Together Through It All" written, performed and produced by Daryl Myers with exception of:

Background Vocals-Rebecca Myers

Guitars- by Hugh Harsher

Video and Artwork by- heichii_art and Dustin w/ Kaoz Tattoo

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Reviews of "Together Through It All"

***What Fans are saying about “Together Through It All” ***  

Keitha C.- Lovely. A country song I'd frequent. The chorus is my fave- "no one to blame."   

Dano H.- this song it's awesome!! So sweet your wife was able to be a part of it too!! Excellent job!!  

Tracy S.- Beautiful song  

Heather A.- I love it!  

Coleen C.- Oh, I love it!  

Taylor A.- I kinda get a Kenny Rogers vibe off the music, but a Garth Brooks vibe off your singing! Love!  

Daniel S.- Good song! Gets you in the feels.  

Jenny L.-  Great song! Loving the "P Floyd vibe " Love it!!!  


***What Music Curators are saying about “Together Through It All” ***  

 Theocide Studios -what a voice! It's amazing and really deep and low. the performance and music are great as well.

We All Want Someone To Shout For- A heartfelt soulful classic country offering with some tender vocals and delicate sensitive arrangements. Warm arrangements and production.  

Cheers To The Vikings- Great vocal performance! You are professional and there is a great level of songwriting that shines up through this record. 

Yellow & Black -the instrumentation is so beautiful.  

UNXIGNED- Gentle, light, and easy to the senses. Your style really captures that warm, soft, and calm musical motif. This one in particular gives off some country, adult contemporary-inspired sound. Recalls the likes of '70s classic balladeers such as Kenny Rogers, Lobo, David Gilmour, Lionel Richie, etc.

Various Small Flames-The vocals are as impressive as ever, making for another evocative and expertly crafted song.  

Underrated-The smooth flow of the vocals made for an enticing listen right out of the gate.  

Obscure Sound- Timeless-sounding appeal with the warming vocals and twangy guitars, "hand and hand we'll carry on," lyrics show a loving perseverance.  

Loudness- we loved the great production on the track and the overall vibe.  

Conversations About Her-I like the meaningful lyrics on this and the engaging flow.  


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