My next full album titled “10 For 20” will be released in 2021. It will be comprised of 10 songs that reflect in some way, a few of my experiences and my journey through life over the past 20 years, but I will be releasing multiple singles before  then. Sorry for the wait, but with work and family obligations, it’s going to take me some time, and I want it to sound as good as possible. 

But, I can give you and idea of what I’m working on and how I plan on the album to sound. This one will be a bit different than my last. “Solid Gold” is considered a Classic Country sounding album, while this one will have more of a Roots Rock feel. Of course, with my voice, no matter what I sing, it’s still gonna sound a little country! You should hear a similar sound of artist like J.J. Cale, The Black Keys and Sturgill Simpson. 

Some of my lyrics and themes will reflex a lot of what I’ve experienced in the past 20 years and other song ideas have pulled from different people through out my life. They will tell a story and hopefully be relatable in someway to most. 

Thanks again for your patience and support and I look forward to sharing more soon!