Daryl is a native of Mobile, AL  and lived there most of his life. He spent 10 years working in restaurants in the Mobile area afterwards. But with a tour in the US Marine Corps, years working on a cruise ship and a career as a fire protection technician, he has had the fortune to travel all over the world.

It was while he was serving in the Marine Corps that he recorded his last album “Solid Gold.” With just a microphone, keyboard and a computer, he turned his tiny Okinawa Japan barracks room into a recording studio. What started out as something to experiment with in the evening and on the weekends in between deployments, turned into an extraordinary experience.

Daryl spent three months recording original material for the album and his first few hundred CDs he burned and printed himself. Then he had the privilege to perform for Marines and civilians in Okinawa, and later in California when he changed duty stations. “I met some truly amazing people,” Daryl said, “and I had a lot of support from my family, friends and especially my fellow Marines.”

In June 2020, Daryl decided to re-launch his music career and started producing new original songs for upcoming albums. He said he’s been asked over the years many times, "when are you gonna record another album?" He said his answer was usually, "I don't know, but I plan on it one day." He goes on to say, “It seems sometimes life can get in the way of many plans we have. I'm sure many can relate to that.”

The past 20 years since the Marine Corps has brought many changes and experience to Daryl’s life. Since, he has worked as a deckhand and engineer on The Clipper Cruise Ship line,  graduated with a degree in electronics and management from Remington College and is currently a project coordinator for Hiller Systems where he has worked for 12 years. It's brought wonderful people in to his life as well. Most importantly he met his beautiful wife Rebecca and two lovely daughters Emma and Lola.

Daryl is hoping that many of his past experiences will go to create memorable, interesting lyrics and enjoyable songs for his fans.  He is looking forward to this becoming a new amazing journey in his life and it’s his intention to share this journey with as many as he can.

Daryl released his full album titled “10 For 20” in summer of 2021. It is comprised of 10 songs that reflect in some way, a few of his experiences and his journey through life over the past 20 years. He is working on new music to release soon. You can see him live on Facebook and YouTube and follow him on all the social networks. His current album “Solid Gold” is available for download at darylmyersmusic.com and all the music streaming sites.