Out Now!

Together Through It All

Country song with a classic sound and a bit of an ethereal feel. Speaks about the struggles couples go through in life, but find a way to persevere. I even got my beautiful wife to help with the background vocals on this one!

"Together Through It All" written, performed and produced by Daryl Myers with exception of:

Background Vocals-Rebecca Myers 

Guitars- by Hugh Harsher

Video and Artwork by- heichii_art and Dustin w/ Kaoz Tattoo



After my time in the Marine Corps, I decided to take a job working on board a cruise ship, The Yorktown Clipper. We sailed from Alaska to the Virgin Islands with many stops between. My first year I spent on board as a deckhand and my second year I rotated as an engineer. I could write many more songs about cruise life (maybe one day I will), but here are a couple!

Out Now!

Devil Dogs

"Devil Dogs" is a bluesy rock song with a bit of a country vibe. It is a tribute and thank you to my fellow U.S. Marines . The download is free and all I ask is, if you can, please make a donation to my local Marine Corps League. The Mobile chapter for the MCL is involved in many charities for Veterans and also special needs. I am very proud to be apart of a great organization that is helping others in my local community. You can donate and learn more below. Thank you for your support!


breaking point

"Breaking Point" has the sound and vibe of Kings of Leon meets Pink Floyd. It speaks to people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD or abuse. It may not have any hard answers as to how to fix the problems, but maybe at the least, it is a way for someone who suffers from any of these issues can share how they feel. But, I especially want this song to convey a message of hope.  If you you or someone you know need help please call 1-800-442-Hope

New SiNgles in 2020 with full AlbuM in Spring of 2021

My next full album titled “10 For 20” will be released in 2021. It will be comprised of 10 songs that reflect in some way, a few of my experiences and my journey through life over the past 20 years, but I will be releasing multiple singles before  then. Sorry for the wait, but with work and family obligations, it’s going to take me some time, and I want it to sound as good as possible.

But, I can give you and idea of what I’m working on and how I plan on the album to sound. This one will be a bit different than my last. “Solid Gold” is considered a Classic Country sounding album, while this one will have more of a Roots Rock feel. Of course, with my voice, no matter what I sing, it’s still gonna sound a little country! You should hear a similar sound of artist like J.J. Cale, The Black Keys and Sturgill Simpson. 

Some of my lyrics and themes will reflex a lot of what I’ve experienced in the past 20 years and other song ideas have pulled from different people through out my life. They will tell a story and hopefully be relatable in someway to most.

Thanks again for your patience and support and I look forward to sharing more soon!