Time is my enemy/ Unforgiving, can't be bribed/ My only friend is the present/ And for the future, he is my scribe” - Daryl Myers

The Singing Marine is Back!

Daryl Myers is a U.S. Marine from Mobile, AL that turned his barracks room in Okinawa Japan into a make-shift recording studio and produced his first album. He has performed for veterans on several bases in Japan and in the U.S.

It's been a few years since singer, songwriter and producer Daryl Myers released his first album "Solid Gold" or any new music, but he's back at it now. Daryl said, “it’s funny how life can get in the way sometimes, but better late than never though, right?”

His next full album titled “10 For 20” will be released in 2021. It will be comprised of 10 songs that reflect in some way, a few of his experiences and his journey through life over the past 20 years. 

His first new single "Breaking Point" was released Sept 1. It has the vibe and sound of Kings of Leon meets Pink Floyd. It speaks to people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD or recovery from abuse. Mental health is important to him as he has family and and fellow veteran friends who struggle with these illnesses. He says, "while this song may not have any hard answers as to how to fix the problems, it is a way to start discussions about the issues."

He has also released, "Fire, It Don't Play" for his time as a Fire Alarm Technician, "Devil Dogs" his Tribute Song for his fellow Marines and The Clipper Songs for when he worked on a cruise ship.

On Apr 6th he released "Together Through It All."  A country song with classic sound and a bit of an ethereal feel. It speaks about the struggles couples face, but find a way to persevere. He even got his beautiful wife to help with background vocals on this one!

You can find out more at www.darylmyersmusic.com or look Daryl up on all the social networks and YouTube under Daryl Myers Music.

Reviews of "Together Through it All"

***What Fans are saying about “Together Through It All” *** 

Keitha C.- Lovely. A country song I'd frequent. The chorus is my fave- "no one to blame."  

Dano H.- this song it's awesome!! So sweet your wife was able to be a part of it too!! Excellent job!! 

Tracy S.- Beautiful song 

Heather A.- I love it! 

Coleen C.- Oh, I love it! 

Taylor A.- I kinda get a Kenny Rogers vibe off the music, but a Garth Brooks vibe off your singing! Love! 

Daniel S.- Good song! Gets you in the feels. 

Jenny L.-  Great song! Loving the "P Floyd vibe " Love it!!! 


***What Music Curators are saying about “Together Through It All” *** 

We All Want Someone To Shout For- A heartfelt soulful classic country offering with some tender vocals and delicate sensitive arrangements. Warm arrangements and production. 

Cheers To The Vikings- Great vocal performance! You are professional and there is a great level of songwriting that shines up through this record.

Yellow & Black -the instrumentation is so beautiful. 

Where the Music Meets- Really nice Gilmour vibes! 

Various Small Flames-The vocals are as impressive as ever, making for another evocative and expertly crafted song. 

Underrated-The smooth flow of the vocals made for an enticing listen right out of the gate. 

Obscure Sound- Timeless-sounding appeal with the warming vocals and twangy guitars, "hand and hand we'll carry on," lyrics show a loving perseverance. 

Loudness- we loved the great production on the track and the overall vibe. 

Grotesqualizer- Good production work, atmospheric sound. 

Conversations About Her-I like the meaningful lyrics on this and the engaging flow. 


Reviews of "Devil Dogs"

***What Fans are saying about “Devil Dogs” *** 

Harry K.- Daryl, I love the words, the music and cover. The message is awesome. You need to get this song on the radio. I love it. Semper Fi, Brother! 

Jackie S.- That’s Rock and Roll DW!!  Best one yet!  You nailed that mfer.  I’m impressed! 

Timothy M.- You got one hell of an ooh-rah! from me! 

Tracie N.- OORAH!  Another awesome song!! 

Rich H.- Hey Devil Dog great song! Way to go man! Semper Fi! 

Amy T.- Sweet!!! Really cool what you’re doing. Keep at it!! 

Paul W.- Glad to see you are hard at it making music.  Love the “Devil Dogs” song!  I have always enjoyed your music, I wore your CD out from Okinawa lol.  Best of luck to you brother! 

*** What Music Curators are saying about “Devil Dogs” *** 

We All Want Someone To Shout For- A gritty soulful classic rock and country mix with some nice bite to it and passionate vocal delivery. Really well produced 

Underrated- The great hooking presence of the track's stellar vocals immediately made for my personal highlight of the piece 

Metalhead Community Magazine-Great sounding old school blues rock song with the necessary energy, groove and beautiful vibes all along the way. There's absolutely nothing negative to mention, this is a successful piece of work. 

Cheers To The Vikings- We have enjoyed listening to your rich vocals until the last second. You are so original and you really have so much talent. 

Yellow & Black- I really liked your instruments so much, your music is beautiful and your style is amazing. 

Various Small Flames-Again the sense of confidence and attitude is excellent here. 

York Calling- I really enjoyed the track, the melody, vocals and guitar were great. 

Grotesqualizer-Solid sound, we like the guitar passages. 

“Breaking Point” Video

What Fans And Curators Are Saying About “Breaking Point”

  •  Dano H.- “Awesome! Great quality and a powerful topic to sing about.”
  • Daniel S.- “What drew me in where the lyrics.”
  • Tracie N.- “I really like everything about this song.  To me it had a vibe of Pet Shop Boys mixed with Daughtry and Pink Floyd. It was perfect!  Can't wait to hear more.  Woo Hoo!”
  • Christina Y.- “Wow, that was great... I loved it! Extremely great recording would like to hear more.”
  •  Paul C.- “Awesome! Sounds great. I’m impressed.”
  • Jackie S.=" If I saw him live, I'd throw my panties on the stage!"
  • Independent Music Reviews- “I appreciate the meaning and message. So relevant for our times of isolation. I enjoyed the edgy electric guitar lines combined intentionally with moments of soft piano chording. Very emotive at times, appreciate the expression of it all.”
  • EKM.CO - "Breaking Point" offers a very deep and fresh Indie Pop/Rock sound, it delivers a super stylish and profound vocal, the hook is very catchy, the track evolves well and bring more intensity as it progresses.”
  • Yellow & Black: "Your music is awesome, I have to admit that you are making some good music, I like your style and skills, you are mastering this art excellently.”
  • Velvety- “Appealing vocal work over an epic instrumentation full of talented guitar lines, sonic intensity and dreamy arrangements, with heartfelt lyricism, evocative soundscapes and emotional vibes.”
  • mp3hugger- "This fella sure has a doctorate in rock and all the passion that the genre expects of its practitioners. so while it doesn't do much to rewrite the rulebook there is so much guttural passion in the presentation it feels like we're experiencing a live show. There is a dramatic telling here.”

Feature Story by the Lagniappe Mobile

Feature Story by the Lagniappe Mobile

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Feature Segment on Fox Studio 10

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